4 Ways To Make Money From Home If You’re Retired

It’s never too late to start making money from home. Follow the tips in this article, and you can add a nice boost to your fixed income as a retiree, even if you’ve never done it before.

Besides a few “essential” workers, most of us have been stuck at home for the last few months. While this may have been a tough pill to swallow, it’s been the perfect time to start making money from home.

Of course, this brings up the issue of how to earn money from home if you’ve never done it before. And if you’re retired and not too tech-savvy, you may be wondering if such work is right for you.

The good news is that you can start earning an income via the Internet, regardless of experience. And you don’t have to be a tech genius to do it, either.

Simply follow these tips and start searching around, and you could turn your home into a money-making machine in no time.

1. Turn extra space into cash.

Whether you live alone or are sitting on a ton of room in your house since your kids left, you can turn that extra space into income by renting it out online.

There’s no shortage of people looking for storage space or even parking spots, and they may be willing to give you money to use yours.

Neighbor is a site that lets you rent out unused space to store your neighbor’s belongings. Visit their website now, and you can find out how much your space is worth per year.

If you don’t think you have enough space worth renting, check first, as these are just some of the ways to make money via Neighbor:

  • Basement
  • Closet
  • Garage
  • RV pad

2. Share your knowledge for a fee.

You can turn your experience in a particular field or even basic knowledge into income by becoming an online tutor or creating a virtual class.

Some tutors/teachers can make as much as $25 per hour to guide others on everything from academic topics to inside info on the process of signing up for Social Security.

If you have the patience and love to teach, this is a great way to pad your income through sites like:

  • Varsity Tutors
  • Udemy
  • Skillshare

3. Get paid as an online consultant.

If you have very specialized experience that you’ve racked up over the years in a specific field, you can make a pretty penny by becoming a freelancer or consultant online.

Clients of all sizes can be found on sites like Guru, Fiverr, and Upwork seeking legal advice, marketing advice, and more. Create your profile today, and you could have your first paying contract very soon.

The more clients you get, the more you can start charging as your online reputation builds. Best of all, you can do this according to your schedule on a part-time basis while still living the relaxed retiree lifestyle.

4. Do remote work.

Are you good with people? Do you like talking on the phone or chatting online? If so, you can turn those skills into remote work as a customer service representative.

If you’re great at organizing, you can become a virtual assistant and perform everyday tasks for someone halfway across the world for a fee. Or, if you’re great at typing, you can become a transcriptionist and use that to supplement your fixed income.

Rodolfo Payne

Motivated by a strong interest in issues that affect older adults in his own family, Rodolfo shares a wide variety of valuable and authoritative information that helps seniors and their loved ones. He has been writing relevant and well-researched articles for more than a decade, including many on topics related to senior living, health, recreation, and caregiving. He also writes about careers and education.